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it's so hard to keep your head when you've got everything to lose
05:55 am
shadow king (dark lord)
Hohohoho.. i'm so lovin my LJ icons <3 Tobias ^^
shadow king (dark lord)
It was great, i wrote it in my site http://www.endless-ending.org If anyone saw it already , please let me know what do you think. :)
07:05 pm
shadow king (dark lord)
Angulo returns to Seleccion!
02:29 am - uhm
shadow king (dark lord)

Feel like posting something after the 1-0 defeated by Getafe..

I miss you Vicente :'(

shadow king (dark lord)

Argentina won today, gold medals are theirs, yah!! Tevez scored again.


Just voted for River and Cavenaghi at http://ar.sports.yahoo.com/premios/vote.php , thanks  cherrieeluver  for the info.


Does anyone has his pics with Spartak Moscow??


01:01 am - Some good news
shadow king (dark lord)
Depor is about to negotiate with Wolfburg about Andres's deal. wish he comes to spain!!! After they failed to sign him once. Valencia lost 1-3 to Zaragoza, that's suck. DIE RANIERI DIE!!
12:34 am - OMG OMG OMG!!!
shadow king (dark lord)
Oh my gosh! Argentina won over Italy 3-0, that was incredible! Tevez did it again (and again) He scored one and assist two. FIrst half score was 1-0 by Tevez and second half Argentina played under pressure, cause they have a lot expectations. That Bonera (sp?) guy was sh*tty! He kicked D'Alessandro intentionally!!! after Andres fell and he didn't stop, kicked andres = made me mad. Kill that guy!

Now everybody praises Tevez and he'll soon leave Boca cause he's too popular to be there, which sucks i hope Boca won't sell him to sh*tty united or real (crap) madrid. He's too goos to be there. But if he leave maybe good for River lol.

Amazing amazing game! can't disagree with me B) because it's truly amazing game. Paraguay and Iraq will play late nite and the winner will meet Argentina in final.

Boy of the moment : Andres D , could it be anyone else? no.
12:28 am - OMG!
shadow king (dark lord)

Just watched Arsenal - Boro, surprisingly Cesc, beside from well-played in defence, he went great as helped Pires scored the third Gol for Arsenal, full credit goes to him. The game was amazing, Boro is not bad at all. Reyes, as always, played superior futbol and Dennis is great, i never seen him play before lol.. because i never give a damm about EPL but oh well! now i only watch Arsenal (and only when Cesc plays lol).

Cesc signed with Arsenal and broke two club's records and one EPL's record.. which are
1.) The youngest Premiership player (played on first EPL 2004-05 match with Everton, won 4-1)
2.) The youngest player at 16 days, 177 days when he made his Arsenal debut against Rotherham in the Carling Cup.
3.) The youngest scorer at 16 years 212 days on Carling cup's next round against Wolves.

It seems to him that youth is very precious :P. Now let's hope he'll scored gols soon so he'll break another record as the youngest Premiership scorer. All the boys  i spotted when they were juveniles, youth teams are becoming the-hot-properties in market. lol


Uhm... i'm blabbing like I'm EPL or Arsenal's fan, FYI I'm not. It's just La liga is not begin yet and Cesc's happened to be with Arsenal (dang!) Next week Liga will start to kick off, yeah! Can't wait ^__^


BTW Cesc just had an hair-cut, It looks so much better than last week (that pony tail-kind is too much, reminded me of Guti aghh!) This style looks exactly like when he played world u17 C', remember the old day hehe. And he's a lot taller, good!


Boy of the moment, Cesc (Sure, it could only be him!) with that hair style i hate.

See ya

02:36 am - Ermm..
shadow king (dark lord)
Uhm.. i'm starting to write in this LJ again. I always get stuck when trying to write some shit, it even harder when you know someone could read it. I'm really bad at writing but keen to improve :) I just finished customize the layout, thanks to LJStyle for the codes. This image belongs to Firstview and I'm not intend to use it long, will change it soon cause this is just temp.

Okay here's the situation..
Argentina won 4-0 over Costa Rica (sp?) That's just cool Tevez scored Hat-trick, he's superb. Argentina will play Italy in semifinal.

Congrat to Thai weightlifting women's team for won 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. :)

Can't wait to see Arsenal tomorrow as i suspect Cesc will play whoo! He's doing great in EPL (Which is sad that i want to see him in La liga but the age is a problem) Anyway hope he could play tomorrow!

Guy of the moment lol