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it's so hard to keep your head when you've got everything to lose
Yes, Friends only.. sort of. 
01:14 am
shadow king (dark lord)

yep friends only now :)
2006-07-10 (UTC)
...I noticed you have MESSI in your interests.

I found a community that's right for you. messifansunite.
2006-07-16 (UTC)
It is I. Katie. You haven't added this LJ of mine. I was going to use the other one for models but I couldn't be bothered maintaining two.

2006-07-28 (UTC)
Hi. :) Add me?
2006-07-29 (UTC)
sure! added :D
2006-07-31 (UTC)
o my god why didn't you tell me you got an LJ ? *cry and big pout*
2006-08-03 (UTC)
sorry hun! but added!