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it's so hard to keep your head when you've got everything to lose
Dani thr girl 
06:32 pm [music]
shaun sings the blues
i was wondering who was this Dani girl in RHCP songs. She appeared in By The Way and now Dani California. So i did some googlings and found this

Dani is the name of a fictional girl appearing in several songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. She first appeared in the 1999 song Californication, but was not mentioned by name. (She was the "teenage bride with a baby inside.") The 2002 song "By the Way" mentions "Dani the girl." Finally, the song "Dani California" was released on April 3, 2006, as the first single from the band's May 9, 2006 upcoming album Stadium Arcadium.

The character of Dani was created by the Red Hot Chili Peppers' singer, Anthony Kiedis. He has described her as being every girl he has ever dated.

Kiedis describes Dani as "The daughter of a Southern cop — a criminal-minded girl who thrives on catastrophe but this time meets her maker."

Dani finds the phantom of herself manifested in "Californication." "By the Way" is an insightful depiction of her life. "Dani California" is the tale of Dani's demise, and her rebirth experienced through the singer and the culture.

According to NME magazine, Dani (at least in "Dani California") is created as a tribute to an old roadie who travelled with the band in their early days, Danny C

Apparently, she was also in the song Californication as "teenage bride with a baby inside".

FYI.. am not a RHCP fan, was just amused to see that Dani California video lately.