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it's so hard to keep your head when you've got everything to lose
11:49 pm
shaun sings the blues
I felt like crap but now i feel much bettaaaaa. Valencia played Athletic Bilbao in San Mamez and we wonnnnn! we fucking won the match. plus it was a clean sheet, two games in a row. The whole game was pretty much intense since we sorta in the middle of keeping the second spot and wishing Barcelona lose all the rest of the matches and maybe, just maybe, we would win the title lol. David Villa's Hattrick happened in only 5 minutes ROFL! the first one at minute 82nd.

made me feel so much better, more excited and less bored. football just never disappointed me unlike something else. i watched Fidel again this morning, I couln't help it i'm so lovin it. that's why i fell asleep in the afternoon. and yes i promise next week i'm gonna change, won't stay up after midnight.

edit : oh RM is next.. not sure if im gonna watch it.
2006-04-23 (UTC)
David Villa's Hattrick happened in only 5 minutes

O_O OMG ! Is he a Superman ???

Glad to know that u feel much better now. ^_^
2006-04-23 (UTC)
he's the super (bat)man lol

thanks ka khun ma ^^
2006-04-24 (UTC)
OMG! Is everyone using LJ again? Yay!
2006-04-24 (UTC)
yay! :biggrin: