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it's so hard to keep your head when you've got everything to lose
Funny stuff according to.. 
01:14 am
shadow king (dark lord)

VCF's new signing ..Mr.Kluivert

* Taken from xtratime  /valencia forum.


At the press room with the players of La Seleccion Española (in the sit there were Vicente of Valencia and Real Madrid´s Raúl)

It was funny to see Vicente in the press conference with the NT. He didn't know about this signing and the conversation was more or less like that:
-Journalist: "What do you think about the signing of Kluivert for Valencia?"
-Vincente: "What?"
-Journalist: "I asked...what do you think about the signing of Kluivert for Valencia?"
-Vicente: "Is this a joke?"
-Journalist: "No, it's true"
-Vicente: "Really?"
-Raúl (RM player): "Take care... they're fooling you" *ironic voice*
-Vicente: "Isn't a joke then?"
-Journalist: "No, it's true"
-Vicente: "umm.. eeeh... well... his last season with Barça wasn't very good, but I guess that the club knows what they're doing"


LOL Vicente's too funny (or just too adorable ;) )

Not very good signing but he's free and he probably work with Spanish style but he's been suck all these years. He'll  be welcome here if he can get over himself and some bad attitudes he used to have (or still have whatever) .. We Valencia love good and free lol. I'm still hoping that we'll sign Villa from Zaragoza and sell Corradi, he wants to go back to Italy anyway.


Let's post some Vicente-candy

whose baby is that grrrrrrr...

2005-06-05 (UTC)
haha! he really said that? Oh man, they need a video clip of that!

I actually like Corradi, even though he doesn't play too much. But he always seems so miserable, so I agree with you, he should just go back to Italy.

Lovely spam! Too bad he came so damn late in the season! And we must find out who's baby that is!
2005-06-06 (UTC)
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai remember me? I'm also member of your valencia cf-fanlisting.
In the past we were on each others flists, but am re-adding you, okies?
2005-06-06 (UTC)
Whose baby is that? And Vicente is definitely daddy material xD
2005-06-08 (UTC)
I don't know who's the baby's daddy (hoping not Vicente //run in shame) lol
2005-06-11 (UTC)
Who would be the mother?
And Vicente better not be its daddy! *ges off to kill vicente's GF with shotgun*
How about this one: Vicente's the daddy, and Albelda the mommy!!! XD
2005-06-08 (UTC)
okie, you're already on my flist, right?
2005-06-11 (UTC)
Si! =D
2005-06-14 (UTC)
hey.. gawd vicente is sooo hot! i guess if that's his baby then mar might be its mom.. =(